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If the excessive exclamations didn’t give it away, I’m excited to go to the Portland Winterhawks game tomorrow night. Because it’s the annual Teddy Bear Toss.

For those unfamiliar, teddy bear tosses are common in non-NHL hockey. One game a year, fans bring teddy bears (or other stuffed animals, I’m taking a teddy bear and a cow) to a game. When the home team scores their first goal, everybody throws their teddy bears onto the ice. They are collected and donated to local hospitals, charities, crisis organizations, and anywhere else that can make use of giving teddy bears to children.


The biggest teddy bear tosses are in the Western Hockey League, which Portland is a member of. In fact, here’s video from last year’s Teddy Bear Toss game. In fact, I saw a quick glimpse of me in the video (not telling you where, though!)

The final count of bears was over 10,000. Side note: My friend I went to the game with threw her bear and hit a woman square in the face. The woman wasn’t hurt, because teddy bear, but it’s still something we talk about.


But, to be fair, another WHL team, the Calgary Hitmen, set a new record a few days ago with almost 29,000 bears.

So, yay teddy bears.

ETA: They’re saying “Please throw me onto the cold hockey rink plz and thnks”

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