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Tee Daw!

I've been working ALL DAY. Okay, since I managed to drag my lazy ass out of bed at 10am, but since then. I finished my design for There There!

I'm kind of meh on it, but whatever. I don't have the time to be anal. As usual I prefer my sketch to my final.


Now I have to start WORK work. But, I think I will just grab all my shit and leave the office. At least I can drink at home. I just have a shit-ton of concepting to do, and I'm not very inspired :-(

So, I hope to join in on ye old groopdrinkin' tonight! I get the Halfpence tomorrow earlier than usual, right around 1pm. I promised him we would make biscuits. But he wants "crunchy" biscuits (he's thinking of, like, English biscuit cookies). If anyone has a recipe, let me know!

That's all for my randomness. See you tonight!

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