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Teen Book Con was awesome :)

I never thought I would voluntarily step foot in a high school again.

Teen Book Con had 28 big name YA authors and it was AMAZING. The headliner was Laurie Halse Anderson, but I was most excited to see Cecil Castellucci and Shannon Hale.

There were SO MANY HIGH SCHOOLERS. Literally hundreds and hundreds and they all had great energy. It was so exciting to see so many people excited about reading! But it also made me feel really old. Because this was for teens, the moderators asked non-teenagers to not ask questions in the panels, but to save their questions for when they get their books signed at the end of the day. This did no stop some obnoxious woman who was about 40ish from insisting on speaking and then spoiling the twist ending of one of the books. UGH. But I wouldn't let her ruin my day!


I had so much fun freaking out over some of my favorite authors, so I just had to race back and show off my goods :)

Here are Cecil Castellucci and Shannon Hale being awesome.

Here are the books I got signed.


And here are some of my favorite signings!


I wrote about Tin Star about a month ago because I LOVED IT. I highly encourage everyone to read it!


Does anyone else have any awesome signed books they want to show off?

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