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Teen Thinks He Sees Abused Woman, Ends Up Helping In Arrest

I just saw this story on Facebook. Essentially, teenager Malyk Bonnet saw a couple arguing and noticed the woman was in fear. He decided to ride the bus with them, stay with them, and essentially “keep them in public” until he could figure out what was going on. Apparently, he chatted with the couple, tried to de-escalate, keep things light.

They shared a meal together when he was able to sneak off and call the police.

The strategy is weird but I am glad Bonnet had this spider sense, and knew not to let them go off alone. So, turns out, the couple was being searched for because the woman had been kidnapped, bu he didn’t even know it. The man had turned about to be this woman’s ex, and she had been forcefully kidnapped.


I hope this is the end of the story for that poor woman.

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