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Teen Vogue wants to know who's radicalizing white male terrorists?

(I know I just posted but I really wanted to share this). If you (understandably) haven’t been paying attention to Teen Vogue lately, they are doing some good work as far as creating some new baby feminists for us in the next generation. Anyway, this article very simply yet thoroughly talks about the threat of white male terrorism and how completely the pattern is ignored.

We can not and should not dismiss any prejudiced motive because, by fact, the most common and most lethal form of domestic terrorism isn’t carried out by brown-skinned Islamic jihadists. And while the U.S. does not decrease its efforts to root out terrorism based on Muslim fundamentalism, the number one question that Americans of all backgrounds should be asking is: Who and what is radicalizing white male terrorists?


These are things we all on GT know, but I always think it helps to see it laid out together like this.

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