Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

For those of you who would like to know what this young lass is actually saying.


Translations are in bold underneath.

Omfg the giraff thingy is easy all you people are stupid. -.- hah.

= Oh my fucking god, the giraffe riddle is easy. All of you people who don't get it are stupid. [deadpan face] [laughs].


= [random icons] Skanks (as a term of endearment) [more random icons]

I like how your soo f@&$ing pretty and I'm jello xx and how u try so hard to get out of P.E funny as... Just thought I'd post a pic of my sexy cat on ur page

= (To a friend) It amuses me how you're so fucking pretty and it makes me jealous [kisses]. It also amuses me how you try so hard to get out of P.E. class, ass. Just thought I'd post a picture of my sexy cat on your facebook page.

Tap dat c: x Haha so sexxaaayyy! You should dp this beitch;)

= I would have sex with you [funny face] [kiss] [laughs] You're so sexy! You should make this picture your profile/default picture.

Like for dp rate(: xoxo kisses.

= Like my status and I will rate your profile picture [smiley face] [hugs and kisses]

✿ Shheeiitt Beeiittcchhh!¿¿ ✿

= Shit bitch?! (as in, what the fuck girl friend?)

Hollaaaa;) Hahaha lol lolza made my day girls! So true! Ily b@b3z xxx

= Holla (Hello) [winky face] [laughs several times] This made my day girls! It is so true! I love you babes [kisses]

Ingnooree My headdd bandd.. Its falling off ahhahaha fail;)

= Everyone, please disregard my headband as it is falling off of my head [laughs] this is a fail [winky face]

hahahhahahar i remember on friday we was walking home from school and you were saying bye to cat and them then you smashed your self against the pole hahahahahar MEMORIES ((:

= [laughs] I remember on Friday when we were walking home from school, and you were saying goodbye to a cat (or, a person named Cat) and not paying attention to where you were walking, and you walked into a pole [laughs] It was a very funny moment that I will continue to laugh about into the future [smiley face]

.▲▼ Ill see you ▲▼.
.........☯ In my ☯.........
✰ D̶R̶E̶A̶M̶S̶ ̶D̶A̶R̶L̶I̶N̶G̶ ✰

= [tons of random icons and a strike through] I'll see you in my dreams, darling.


ETA: I was incorrect on some translations. My apologies GT! Our dear friend Plebsi Pulsar was kind enough to fix them. Enjoy!

"how u try so hard to get out of P.E funny as..."

I'm pretty sure this is her saying "funny as...fuck/hell/shit" but tailing off before she says the swear.

"you were saying bye to cat and them"

I think this refers to a person named Cat and several other people. People use "them" in that way here, and I think NZ is similar.

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