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Teen Wolf is back, y'all!

It’s summer and that means my favorite cheesy summer show is back! Teen Wolf hits the perfect balance between teen angst, supernatural creatures, and


The plot is ridiculous most of the time, but in an endearing way. Every time a new season starts, there is a new worst creature ever that is going to kill all of the main characters. I mean, this town might just have a Sunnydale-level Hellmouth underneath it, with all the new Big Bads they get every season. I love everything about this show. I love Tyler Posey’s adorkableness. I love how they evolved Lydia (played by Holland Rhoden) from the popular chick to a more well-rounded, capable character who can hold her own. They have some decent snarky comedy, primarily brought home by Dylan O’Brien. And of course, all of the main characters are played by actors in their mid- to late 20s, but it wouldn’t be an MTV teen drama without that, right?

So is anyone else into this show? What’s your favorite cheesy summer show?

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