Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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But first, a picture of Tommy and Gordon napping together on the top level of the cat tree.

For the final test in reading, my daughter had to recite O Captain! My Captain! by Whitman. When she told me this Monday, I got all nostalgic for Dead Poets Society and swore we would watch it this weekend. She rolled her eyes.


Yesterday her dad drove her to school and she told him what she was reciting for her final. He surpassed me by whipping out his phone and made her watch youtube clips on the way to school.

When I got home on Wednesday, she told me that, when her teacher called on her, she got up and stood on her desk and recited the poem. She told me: She said I got a 100 and to get down off the desk. She looked at me like, "I know what you are doing" and I looked at her like "I know you know what I'm doing." Then I got down.

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