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Most of you know that my 16 year old son has had more than his share of troubles this past year, what with his mental health crisis a few months ago and the accompanying problems. There have been times that he has been extremely aggressive and difficult to handle. We've finally got him on a good med combination and things have smoothed out considerably since Christmas.

Which is good, because I have been either sick or damaged or both pretty much for the last 6 weeks, and so I have needed a little more help than usual. At the moment, I have a horrible headache/sore throat/fever/stuffy nose thing going on, so I have been pretty much sleeping all day.

While I was sleeping, my boy and his new girlfriend made a spaghetti dinner for everyone, made a pan of brownies, AND did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen! I was told to stay in bed, and he brought me a bowl of pasta and a brownie :)


Pretty awesome, huh? I'm so proud of him for fighting through this and so, so happy he's starting to come out the other side. I know that there may be more problems ahead, but for now, I'm happy he's doing so much better.

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