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Teeth: Need Advice

I've been lucky when it comes to my teeth. I mean, it's been a good situation. I have one cavity. ONE. And so it goes.

Until recently.

The last time I went to the dentist, a few years ago, she mentioned that, on the xray, it looked like, down the line, I was going to need a root canal. This bummed me out, but it seemed far away.


Well, evidently, that day has arrived. My molar is killing me. I mean, it hurts. It could be a cavity, but it cannot be a coincidence that it is in the ONE PLACE where the dentist told me about the impending root canal.

Has anyone ever had a root canal? How much money are we talking here? Will it hurt? Am I going to be crying in the wallet as well as in the endontic office? Help! What should I do?

I need a kitten.

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