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Teh crazies, they are out

I know better than to antagonize the crazies, but I am passionate about vaccinations because for the last 15 years of my life I have lived with people with very compromised immune systems, and knowing that other people have had their vaccines and are up to date on flu shots is very important to me. I have had every vaccine available to me, including rabies, yellow fever, and typhoid. I got boosters for my t-DAP and MMR vaccines two years ago. But even without all that (I may have gone a little nuts with the vaccinations, but I WANT TO GO TO AFRICA AND SOUTH AMERICA AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!) I would still be passionate about those things because NO PERSON SHOULD WANT THEIR KIDS TO BE SICK. No one should willingly put their children in harm's way.

So I shared this article on Facebook about the recent outbreaks of measles and the damage anti-vaxxers can do. And one of the normal-ish crazies commented that "If you vaccinate your kids it shouldn't matter what I do with mine. As long as the vaccinations work, like you think they do."



Anyway, it took my mind off all the other shit that has happened today. As a side note, does anyone have some quick guides to hospice (here in California, specifically Northern CA or anything general about stats) that show just how amazing it is compared to… not hospice? I'm at a loss, my father is refusing to look at anything we show him and he is very adamant that hospice is horrible, even though he saw how wonderful it was for HIS mother and MY mother. He's afraid, I know, but I cannot bear to have him think that we want him to suffer and die and that we don't love him.

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