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This week has been an absolute shit-ton of family (in-law) dramaz and PURE CRAP. My SIL to be, who was one of my closest friends, has decided to cut herself off from the family, but the only person this effects is me because NO ONE ELSE REALLY TALKS MUCH. Except for DRAMAZ. Which, fine, she has every right to do that, but I'm not supposed to take it personally, except it feels like I've lost my best friend and biggest ally in Mr Caterpillar's family.

Also my flaky best friend here OF COURSE cancelled THE NIGHT BEFORE my dress appointment because OF COURSE SHE DID. So I went with my two work friends, who are the most adorable couple I HAVE LITERALLY EVER MET and realized that I have equal amounts of things in common with both of them and like them both equally, which was such a great thing to realize because IT MEANS I HAVE TWO LEGIT NEW FRIENDS OMG. And we went to a place called Tea Rex for Thai tea after my appointment which was basically the coolest thing on earth.


So. The dresses. GUYZ. TEH DRESSES NOMG. There were so many and there was so much white and I was like "nope" but then I saw it and it was like that bit from Touched by an Angel where what's-her-name says "I'm an angel" and they shine the spotlight on her? It was like that bit. The dress was PERFECT. I didn't need to try on anything else. I didn't WANT to try on anything else. But the owner was like "oh just for fun, you're here!" so I tried on four dresses and looked like a little kid playing dress-up in every one except…

TEH DRESS! MAH FAVORITE! DRESS #1 OMG! (I am not famous or special or anything, I just really don't feel like showing my face on teh interwebz.) Also the shoes are not a part of this thing, they're just on to make me taller. BUT THE DRESS WAS SO AMAZING GUYZ OMG OMG OMG!!! It was perfect, I did not need to put anything else on. I tried on the other one (the one that was the crowd favorite here, with the gorgeous details) and I looked ridiculous. I am just not that mature or grown up or cool. I am heaps not that cool. THIS DRESS WAS PERFECT!!!!!


Anyway, this week has been ridiculous and I seriously have no idea what I'm going to do with myself. I am trying to be a mature adult but it's hard sometimes. I knew my flaky friend was going to cancel because there was nothing in it for her to go with me, but this thing with my SIL caught me completely off-guard. I am sad. We have been close for a couple of years now, we've always had each other's backs with all the crap that has happened in the family and I feel like she just jumped ship. She was pretty open about me being the only person effected by her decision to not have anything to do with the family anymore, since they don't do too many things all together and she and I are just really close friends in general. Were? I have no idea, I'm hoping this will blow over. THIS SHIT IS RIDICULOUS.

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