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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Tell me about Dallas, ya'll

I just got word that I may be moving to Dallas in the next month or two. It’d be a huge step up professionally, and I’ll have the opportunity to be part of a team building a company from the ground up. I’m excited.

But. I know nothing about Dallas except that my parents disliked the old money social scene when they lived there briefly (granted, in the 80s), and that the one woman I know from Dallas is the worst. I also know it will be hot and humid, but my man is from the south, so I’ve experienced that and weirdly sort of thrive in it.


Where should I live? I enjoy eating out, bookstores, bars, music venues, preferably all within walking distance from me. If the neighborhood has been described as hipster at any point, I will probably enjoy it (I know, I know). Apparently my new office will be Uptown, so anything near that area would be ideal.

Tell me good things about Dallas, please!

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