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Tell me about getting a tattoo ETA: With several pics

I want to get my first one. I can’t afford it just yet, but I feel like I’ve tried to take steps toward it and gotten nowhere.

My friend referred me to the shop she used for hers. They said they take walk-ins so I went there. The heavily-modded guy talked to me about it and was friendly, but wasn’t terribly helpful. Offered for me to look at portfolios, but I’d seen them online and wasn’t really willing to make any kind of suggestions for who would do it best or anything. I’d been told that the artists can suggest placement, which I haven’t decided on yet, but all he said was “that’s up to you.” Not sure if he didn’t want to say it because he’s not my artist, because he’s not being helpful, or because they want you to put down a deposit first?

I just don’t know what to do now? I have an idea of what I want, but I really want to see someone draw it out or see what they could do with the idea first. Do I need to bite the bullet and lay out the deposit first? Because if the artists are this unhelpful after that I’d want to go somewhere else anyway.


I can add pictures of my poorly-drawn ideas after work.

ETA: Pics

Yes, its the NC (for “non-compliant”) from the comic book Bitch Planet. I’ve read all the articles and rants (by men) about how this fad is dumb, we don’t know how the series will end, and all those feminists will live to regret inking themselves. I don’t care. The term and the symbol for it spoke to me and how I feel as a woman in this society.

The colors are for the flag of Tanzania, which is where I was in the Peace Corps and am very attached to. I had considered getting a PC commemorative tat, as many do, but never found anything good enough for permanent display. I feel like working it into this is appropriate, as that is where I was the most non-compliant and it makes it more visually interesting. After drawing this up, I did worry that its too much color and will be too hard to cover with anything other than black clothing, and am starting to lean toward a simpler design, below.I’d probably do the outlines more thick than I did here.


And since the creators are hilarious, I actually got the official temporary tattoos, which I thought were too small and are now looking about the right size, at least in this location. I’m not sure why it looks like I have a lazy eye though.

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