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Tell me about manuka honey

As many of you know (from my incessant whining :), I am home sick today with a yucky throat. One of my coworkers emailed and told me to take a bit of honey to soothe my throat.

This reminded me of a student I had last spring who told me that she does a spoonful of manuka honey every morning. She swore by it as a sort of miracle cure: before doing the honey, she said she had ENT infections a few times a year and, after starting the honey regimen, she hadn’t had one at all in over a year. That sounds very promising to me!!


So, GT, do any of you have experience with manuka magic? Is it worth the investment? If it helps, I am very, very prone to ENT infections and, since I teach, it pretty much guarantees an inability to work since I can’t talk. :P I did buy an air purifier last spring that seemed to help but I haven’t been running it lately... probably should.

Any other ENT miracle cures you swear by? Believe me, I am open to any suggestions at this point.

Thanks, guys!!

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