Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The last few weeks have been rough for a lot of folks. I just read through LL's Open Thread, and you know what? A lot of you have bad things on your mind. (This is not LL's fault, obviously.) We could all use a palate cleanser, so please tell me one thing (or more!) that is good in your life, or something you appreciate.

I'll start (duh). I talked to my dean today, and he says all of my courses from study abroad will transfer. (Except for the one I failed, oops.) That leaves me with only 4 courses left to go, which means that not only can I graduate in December, but I don't have to take a full courseload in addition to working 30+ hours this semester. Terrifying as it is to think I will (probably) have to find a real job in four months, that's really awesome. And I got an internship I really wanted this week!


So that's two things, because I'm an overachiever. Your turn! Oh, and here's a corgi gif for you. And a tumblr (not of corgis). Don't say I never did anything nice for you.

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