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Tell me about that FB friend you hate follow/drama follow

I was just wondering who else has people that you are "friends" with on facebook that you only follow for the hate or drama. I have quite a few conservative friends, and while there are a couple I'm friends with because I genuinely like them despite hating many of their politics, there are a few I follow just so I can stay up-to-date on the "other side". Sometimes I'm amazed at the ignorant or absurd stuff they can post.

I have another girl that I'm not even completely sure how I met her, but I keep staying friends with her for the sheer drama. She is a classic vaguebooker, and I love it. Plus, she is soooo not self-aware. She used to be constantly breaking up with and getting back together with her ex. A typical week of statuses with her would be along the lines of:

Monday: "Oh I love Tom*, he's so wonderful"

Tuesday: 'Some vague quote about love stabbing you in the back"

Wednesday: "Just broke up with Tom*" followed by concerned comments from friends

Thursday: "Can't believe Tom* is back in touch with that bitch! He promised me he would never talk to her again" followed by concerned comments from friends.

Friday: "Out to dinner with Tom*, I can't believe I almost let him go" followed

Saturday: "Don't judge me or my life. If you can't accept my choices and who I'm with, then just stay out of my life"

Sunday: "I love my life!"

*name changed

It didn't take long before concerned friends would ignore her "break ups" or just start asking how long it would last this time. About a year ago she got pregnant with his kid and my guess is a judge or somebody told her she should probably quit with all that stuff. But, this week it was back to: "I'm so over this bullshit" and "I'm doing what I have to for me and my son" and "I haven't been able to sleep because I have too much on my mind." But, if anybody comments asking about it, she tells them "I don't want to talk about any thing right now. I hope everyone can respect that". Earlier today she had a whole long status about how she has a lot going on in her life right and it is really stressful, but she doesn't want to talk about it so people should stop asking, but somebody commented that if she doesn't want people asking, maybe she should stop posting it on facebook, but all of that has since been deleted. I'm not personally invested in her life as a friend or anything, so I don't really care that much about what is going on, but I love watching the drama unfold.


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