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Tell me about the best/worst thing about your living situation

I'm very curious, what is your living situation and what are the top 3/bottom 3 things about it? Are you in a house? Apartment? Do you have roommates? Kids? Parents? Tell me everything.

My living situation is that I live alone in a one bedroom apartment with my dog, and to be frank I fucking LOVE IT.


Top three things about living alone:

1. 99.999% clothing optional. I usually walk around in a tank top and underpants, and I keep a pair of emergency pants by the door just in case someone knocks.

2. I set the rules! 4am and I can't sleep? I can get up and do whatever the hell I want and not worry about noise. I can also eat whatever I want without judgement, such as these two jars of peanut butter I just picked up.


3. My place has the stamp of being distinctly my personal style. Girly, color coordinated, and in the exact layout I want.

Bottom 3 things about living alone:

1. My messes are all mine, I know exactly how gross I am and only I can clean it up.


2. Sometimes I get bored being alone so much, so I annoy my dog. He doesn't like being carried like a baby, but he puts up with it because he loves me.

3. My fridge is always empty because I don't like walking up two flights of stairs with big grocery bags. So I'm cool with living off fancy peanut butter sometimes.

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