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Tell me about Vancouver, BC

I'm planning on going to Vancouver for the proposed meetup on April 19. I'll probably arrive by train (from Seattle) around noon on the 19th, Groupthink it up with the Canadians, and then be a tourist Sunday until I leave at about 5pm. So I have questions:

  • How is public transportation in Vancouver? I'm really good at getting myself around without a car, but are there any special issues or any really great things about the transit system there?
  • Where should I stay? I'm hoping to find something clean and cheap and sort of central. Any suggestions? Any neighborhoods I should absolutely avoid?
  • What are the cool things to do? Anything I can't miss? Where should I eat?
  • Also, do any Unitedstateseans know about whether my phone will work in Canadia? I have AT&T and I've never traveled internationally with a smart phone.

I'm so excited!

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