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Tell me about where to live in DC!

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I'm (hopefully) moving to DC this summer! I don't actually have a job yet, so I won't really know what makes sense until I get a job and know what part of the city I'm working in. I'm a big planner and I can't plan anything right now, but I want to start imagining my new apartment! I'm assuming right now that I'll be getting a tiny studio, but I have a friend I might live with, or I might try to find a roommate. What neighborhoods do you recommend for a young professional with massive student debt? Are there particularly good property companies/landlords (we have a handful or two of major landlords in our city) or particularly bad ones? I want to start imagining what my life will look like! I also want to know more about rent costs so I can wrap my head around a significantly higher rent bill...


Any opinions? Advice? Snarky remarks?

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