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Tell me about where you live

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Lets say I'm moving to your city. What are the general guidelines I should know about living there? For instance, if you come to the Twin Cities, know that St. Paul is generally more family oriented because the whole city basically shuts down by 10:00pm. The closer your are to the capitol, the higher the crime rate. I couldn't tell you a damn thing about the east side past downtown. There are Hmong farmer's markets in St. Paul that are way better than the regular farmer's market.


Uptown Minneapolis is gentrification personified, and North Minneapolis is the "bad part of town". NE is where all of the hipsters have communed, but overall it's generally decent. There's an excellent liquor and cheese shop in the center. This map is probably your best bet in figuring out where you want to move in. And don't go to the Mall of America if you can help it. Just... don't.

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