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Tell Me About Your Biggest Makeup Purchase Letdown

I am a sucker for fancy makeup. I love it. I have too much of it and I spend an excessive amount of my limited disposable income on it. So when I spend big money on a super hyped up product, I expect that it's going to be as amazing and worth the money as everyone says. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. My biggest makeup purchase letdowns have been DiorShow mascara and NARS Orgasm blush. *shots fired*.

Let's start with DiorShow: this is the worst mascara I have ever used in my life. I am not exaggerating. I have naturally full and long eyelashes and this shit turned them into 4 big eyelashes that somehow looked shorter? No thanks. It is also the most expensive mascara I've ever purchased. This mascara is so bad that I actually cried after using it. Fuck this mascara. Can you tell I hate it yet? I will take my $8 Loreal Voluminous over this any.day.of.the.week.


Now, some of you may be surprised by my dislike of NARS Orgasm, as it widely lauded as the "perfect blush for every skin colour". Well, that's bullshit. This expensive-ass blush is just light pink with a shit ton of gold flecks. For dark skinned ladies with goldy-pink undertones like myself, this blush basically only works as a highlighter. Once again, a makeup product that is perfect for all white skin tones is marketed as being perfect for ALL skin tones. And it's too goddamn shimmery for daytime wear on your whole cheek. I don't need my cheeks to look like Christmas baubles. Fuck NARS Orgasm.

So fellow makeup inclined pals, tell me about your biggest makeup purchase letdowns! And please feel free to use plenty of profanity.

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