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Tell Me About Your Exciting Saturday

Here's mine:

1. Cleaning my house. We can't afford our twice-monthly cleaning lady anymore so I get to do all the grungy stuff myself. I hates it. It's especially bad today because we weren't home last weekend. The dog hair tumbleweeds are about to gain sentience.

2. Forcing WeePiglet to clean her room. This child is more spoiled than a pile of smelly garbage and we are currently in the "you don't get anything new until you get rid of some of your shit."


3. Watching the snow come down. We did have a couple of birthday parties we were supposed to go to, but our local news was all "SNOMG BATTEN THE HATCHES" so everyone cancelled. Blessing in disguise, friends. I hate other people's children.

4. Watching soccer. With the time difference between here and my beloved UK, soccer is over and done with early, which suits me fine. Otherwise, What's-His-Name would be parked on the sofa allllll daaaaaay and that's not good for our marriage.

5. Baking! Once I round up the dog hair piles, I'm planning to inventory the baking shelf in my cupboard and see if there is anything I want to make. I don't know what is even in there, though.

The ultimate goal today is to never get out of Comfy Pants and open up the wine around noon. What about y'all?

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