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Tell me about your favorite fictional houses!

I have been sick on and off, and my office has been doing a lot of teleworking since Christmas (we’re about to move, and I think everyone just wants to be done with the old office), so I’ve been spending a lot of time in my fine-but-shitty-apartment. So for today’s bit of escapism, let’s talk about our favorite fictional houses! They can be from TV, movies, books, songs, your head, whatever!

I think my favorite is the beach house/temple from Steven Universe. The little beach house is so sweet, and Steven can see the ocean from his bed which is a dream of mine. Plus, the Gem temple itself, before the beach house was built, is so.... vaginal.


But my favorite part of it, by far, is the “hand” of the temple, high above the ocean, with a laundry line softly blowing in the wind. I’d just love to sit there with a book or a journal and read, write, do homework, whatever.


Other favorites are the house in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, mostly because of the way it’s drawn in the opening credits:


Then, of course, there’s The Burrow, the family home to end all family homes. Wherever I end up living, I want it to feel like The Burrow.

So tell me GT, what are your favorite fictional homes? I’m sure there are plenty that I’m forgetting!

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