I saw my therapist today, and for my homework she wants me to find a new hobby. I have a couple of hobbies already - I am something of a gamer, and I cross stitch - but she wants me to find something new. I'm having a lot of anxiety problems when my kids are with their dad (that she thinks is more related to stress around dealing with their high-conflict father than just the fact that they're not with me), and she would like for me to find a new hobby of some sort that I do when they're gone, something special I reserve for that time only.

Because of our wacky rotating visitation schedule, I can't really do anything that involves taking a class. Money is also an object, in that I have very little of it.

I really want to go back to her again with something to tell her - she is seeing me next week for free, just to check in with me, because she is amazing. So what better resource than all the lovely, amazing and talented people here? What do you do for fun?