Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

After an 11 day work week and many sleepless nights, I took myself a three day weekend. Mmhmm. I feel so human again after feeling like a stress wreck for the past two weeks. In an effort to treat mahself, I accomplished the following:


1. Made a carbonara pizza


2.Fancy pantsy spa day at the Waldorf Astoria

(a) Got rip roaring, shit faced drunk off mimosas during said spa day

(b) Physically (drunkenly) ran into members of the UN delegation (oops.)

3. Went to the Brooklyn Museum to see the fun Killer Heels exhibit (omgshoes)

4. Discovered the Chile Festival and ate All. The. Hot. Sauces.

(a) my god free samples are amazing.

5. Went to some birthday parties

(a) maybe made a new friend (!?!?!)

6. Made chicken stock

(a) plotted the future of said chicken stock

7. Cleaned all the things! Did all the laundry! Huzzah!

And now I will settle in with a salmon teriyaki salad and watch Saturday Night Live while smoking a cute lil j. Just a lil guy!! Come play with me GT. What did y'all do this weekend? Outline format is not required.


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