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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Tell me about your whiz palace

My house is sixty years old this year! Let's share some inanity.

That means that the bathroom, and all its fixtures except for the toilet, are also sixty years old. It is not the Helen Mirren of bathrooms (gracefully aged and classy). More like a "That's been a rough sixty years and do you maybe need to sit down" type of sixty. So we're going to gut it and install a new tub, new tile, and new vanity. We're doing everything ourselves, which means the price will be significantly lower than hiring a contractor. My dad is a badass who built the house he and mom live in, so he's the brains behind the operation.


All I want is a modest bathroom with 1) grout that isn't actively crumbling 2) a vanity that isn't water damaged and falling apart and 3) a tub that isn't a cast iron monstrosity with chipping paint and an improperly installed drain. When I go online to look for ideas, however, what I usually find is pictures of bathrooms bigger than my living room and with oceanfront views and a housekeeper to clean the two sinks, separate shower and bath, and floor to ceiling windows. These are very nice, and very much out of the price range of what we will afford unless I rob a bank or something.

What features would you dream bathroom have? What colors would you utilize? What do you love/hate about your current bathroom?

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