Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Tell me for real...

Do I have to use stupid handwriting to do my wedding invites (and by “stupid” I mean, handwriting my hand can’t make). My mom has offered to do them but THEN I HAVE TO MAIL the envelopes to her, and then she’d have to mail them back because I’m screenprinting the invites and they’re not finished yet so I wanted to just go ahead and get addresses done.

Like, ok, my wedding is pretty wedding-y. My invites will be nice. But like, I don’t have any shits to give about special calligraphy. Am I going to get shit about that? I mean, I’ll do my best to keep everything neat and straight and lined up...!


ETA - also I write in all caps. I’m pretty much incapable of writing with lowercase letters since I’ve been writing in all caps since 2003. Haha.

ETA 2 - ok I’m feeling validated. Like with most things, I should have recognized that this particular obsession came to me after a conversation with my mother. She doesn’t care if I adhere to all the traditional stuff, she just tends to have it in her head and assume I’m going to do it her way.

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