So I volunteer for young women's empowerment group in my community, mostly web work and publications, but a conference twice a year as well, and monthly mentoring. They do good work, and the girls are from lower income homes, and they get a lot out of the program. I've been working with this group for 3 years. My day job is with a boudoir fine art photography studio. I've worked there for 3 years as well ( 2 freelance- 1 full time). I occasionally model for the studio for marketing materials- it's pretty "classy" (I know the term is loaded- but I can't think of another one right now). No nudes are used in marketing, no topless, and they are very well done. It's not like I'm an official model- I'm just there- somewhat attractive woman who is always around.

Somehow, the volunteer group found out about my modeling, which is quite frankly none of their business, and I let them know that, nicely. They do not pay me. I have improved their methods. I am efficient. The girls relate to and like me. As far as I know, the girls are unaware, and even if not- so? It's not a topic of discussion and I'm prepared.

Secondly, the only way the org could have discovered this is if they were looking into becoming a client: Facebook, Instagram, or our website. So when my duties were removed, I felt betrayed. My talk on disabilities was cut from conference- then my monitoring of our social media- and mentoring. I'm pissed guys.

Im a volunteer so I have no recourse, but I loved those girls. Now I don't see them. My question is, should I quit entirely? Or just accept how things are so I have some connection?

What should I do?