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Tell Me I A Wrong TW suicide








I expect with the proposed AHCA and this budget we are going to see a huge jump in the suicide rate.


People can only be jerked around and threatened so much. Trump and the republicans are doing thIs. Jerking around with folks lives never knowing when their healthcare will be taken away, access to food (meals for wheels), threat of the devestating proposed disability slash.

There is only so much stress folks can take. I would not be shocked if we do not see a large spike in suicides. I so see despair and hopelessness in too many folks future that suicide will not be shocking.

I would not be surprised either if a large percentage comes from Trump voters. We have already seen a jump in the last few years of white men killing themselves. What will happen when the promised jumps do not appear. What happens when they find themselves denied Medicaid or CHIPs for their children.

I really believe the age of suicide is rapidly approaching.

Tell me I am wrong. I wamt to be wrong but looking at the jump in suicides in 1929 over the Stock Market Crash. These were not poor folks. What will happen when those who have next to nothing feel jerked around not knowing what little they have will be gone.

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