I lost a cooking competition at work today. To be perfectly fair, the thing was rigged anyway. I mean you can't let the sous chefs in, that's not fair, especially the one who requires constant ass kissing to keep him from screaming and yelling. So of course I lost to them. Truthfully though, I didn't really spend much energy on it, either.

One of them completely deserved the win in my opinion. her dish was amazing and better than mine in two of the judging criteria for sure. We all judged everyone but ourselves and I had her in front myself. The other sous chef I lost to, was bullshit though. He tried to do some crazy melon ravioli filled with prosciutto broth and as if. Please. I knew that shit wouldn't work and of course it didn't. The raviloi came to the table as flat pasta sheets in soup. His broth was awesome, but only because he being the sous chef was able to convince the meat guy to bring in extra prosciutto ends. The rest of us were stuck with what we got and in fact, I had to adjust and butcher a brined chop from the menu because the fucker 'forgot' to order my tenderloin. Motherfucker still beat me. WTF!? I came in third.

Anyway, tell me you love me anyway. Even though I'm a loser who lost. I need a boost. I knew this shit was stupid and rigged to begin with, but now that I lost I'm kind of sad and pissed anyway. Even though I should have actually tried if I really cared, which I didn't until now, suddenly. Also I had a long super tiring bad day and that isn't helping.

Here's what I made:

Mustard glazed pork loin with turnip and green apple puree and warm creamed pancetta and brussel sprout salad. It looked much better in person. My phone takes terrible pictures in the restaurant lighting. Also, someone had already chomped on some of the sprouts on the one side.