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So after 2 years of heavier menstrual bleeding and 3 years of not taking hormonal BC due to estrogen-dependent migraines, I’ve finally decided to get an IUD.

We’ve been using condoms for years now so I’m excited to be getting something more effective and more compatible with spontaneity.

I’ve gotten my pre-insertion pelvic exam, I’ve picked up my IUD from the pharmacy. I chose Jaydess, which I believe is the Canadian equivalent of Skyla. It’s a little smaller and has a little less hormones, so it’s technically better if you haven’t had children and also potentially has less hormonal side effects.


So now I just need to get my period and I’m good to go! But I can’t help being a little freaked out by the insertion process. That’s despite having actually witnessed an insertion once that went really well and was practically painless. I’m wuss, what can I say. It really is true what they say about healthcare professionals being the worst patients.

So, for those of you who have one, how was it? Are you happy with your choice?

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