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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Tell me I'm not a terrible person

So this is probably the most stupid, privileged whine ever but...

In a gift exchange, I won some necklaces and a blingy belt. I "stole" them (within the rules of the game) from some folks that wanted them, too. It was one of the more coveted gifts in the exchange. They are a little off of my style, I wouldn't buy them for myself, but I like branching out.

Then yesterday I got a facebook message from my best friend's mom. She invited me to come surprise my best friend at her birthday dinner tonight. My best friend moved to another state a few years ago and I hardly ever see her. I knew she was in town but we couldn't find a time to hook up because we were both so busy with family stuff. I also don't keep in touch with her as well as I should, but we have kind of a weird friendship where even if we don't talk for months we're still as close as ever.

Since it's both Christmas and her birthday and I feel bad for not keeping in touch, I really want to bring her a gift. So I wrapped up the belt and one of the necklaces that are totally her style. Since we hardly talk any more I have no idea what she wants or needs, and I have to work today so the only place I could shop for her is the Target across the street from my office, I kind of doubt I would find a better present for her. But I really want the necklace and belt! I also feel guilty because I stole them from other folks who want them, and now I'm giving them away. And I already threw away the receipts and ripped the tags off, so my friend can't return them if she doesn't like them (can I tell her to give them back to me if she wants to return them? Ha). But seriously guys, she's going to love them. It's just that I love them too!


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