My niece is 11 and is awesome and totally marches to the beat of her own drum. She's not real into pop music. At least not yet. But she LOVES Ke$ha. So a few weeks ago I told her to play some of her music for me so that I could better understand just what it was about Ke$ha that she liked.

And...I kinda liked it. Not only did I like it, but I was kinda proud. Yes, it's pop music without a ton of "soul". But it totally has a feminist message, imo. Am I crazy for thinking this?! Is Ke$ha feminist? Cause I feel like she seriously is.

Anyway, like I said- I'm a bit proud. Would I rather she not be listening to stuff that is sexual in nature? Eh...kinda. But at least it's not this bullshit Katy Perry crap about kissing girls so that boys can get boners, ya know? At least the girl is singing about taking charge of her sexuality because it's hers to take charge of.


Also? I watched a few eps of Ke$has reality show when I was on vacation and I would SO fucking party with her.