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Tell me I'm not crazy, please (or maybe I am?)

I am 9 weeks post-separation, 7 weeks post-divorce filing. I have been consumed with guilt because I fell out of love with my husband and was trying and trying to make it work. In the end, he was the one who officially said the words to end it, but I have been in mourning and feeling guilty and sad this whole time.

Today, perusing Instagram, I see that he has posted a new photo (yes, I am a fool for not yet unfollowing). Photo is totally innocuous, but someone who likes it is a woman we both met years ago, but had only seen once or twice, who I had noticed had been "liking" his posts recently. I go to her profile, which is public, and see a photo of them at a romantic restaurant 3 weeks ago. Jaw hits ground. Then looking at her other photos, I see that they were together as far back as New Year's ~ 2 weeks post-split (well as far back as Instagram shows).

At first, it was just a "holy shit he moved on quick" reaction. But then, on closer inspection, the New Year's photo was in a different city, the city he road-tripped to post-split. The city that he had visited for work 1 month pre-split. And the photo posted wasn't a "wow, we happen to be at the same party" kind of photo, it was a staged, intimate kind of thing. Not the kind of thing you'd post with someone you happened to run into at a party (in a completely different city with no mutual friends).


Am I crazy to suspect that he started this before we separated?

Also, she has flown to our city to visit him and she Instragrammed a photo of her fucking coffee at one of my favorite fucking coffee shops next to my hair stylist's place. Her hashtags and captions make me want to vomit.

ETA: The city he road-tripped to is the city where she now lives, which I didn't realize she had moved to until I did more sleuthing. Which also means that her visit to our city last week was absolutely to see him.

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