Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Tell me I'm overthinking this.

I like to bake, and I’ve been invited to Passover with my boyfriend’s family. Apparently, they aren’t super strict about their observance of it — I’m told we’ll be having turkey and corned beef, which I don’t recall reading about in the Passover story. But before I knew that I was looking at Passover kosher recipes. I have been informed that if I brought something appropriate for that, no one will notice, and I will not get a “good not-Jewish girlfriend” cookie for my efforts.

But now it feels like a challenge? Because I don’t like macaroons and haven’t done much baking with alternative flours. Someone tell me I need to let it go and just make some regular brownies or something? Or to go for the gold and try almond flour I guess?


Also, I always thought the rule way about leavening, but apparently certain grains are banned too? Things quickly got more complicated than I expected.

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