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Tell me I'm pretty ;) just redid my website again

So ... started a new job (WOOOOOOOOO) WHICH I LOVE. Some of you may remember my bitter freelance woes — and now I don't have to stress so much about that because PAYCHECK.

It's in social media/seo, and a lot of it is just running reports (which I also strangely love and since I'm pretty much told LISTEN TO MUSIC it just makes it so much better)... and my coworkers are fun and happy people so that's a relief. And no dress code!

And I've already learned a TON. Of awesome stuff I am interested in. And some other random stuff (my boss showed me a video about the Canadian government and .. aliens... so yes, new information) ....


So what am I doing on my day off? Website design... for myself. It's been so long. My website is ArtLoveLight.com

And I think I did a damn fine job. Isn't she pretty?

I selected the colors because I live in California and blues/green/sand is so Oceanside; and the hot pink/hot blue and my logo is inspired by red and blue 3D glasses. SO I think my logo is pretty awesome. I really like logo design, actually.

I hope I didn't break anything in the redesign.

And for any of you who are Wordpress Aficionados, I'm using the 2013 theme with custom CSS to change all the colors and Google webfonts to change the font. It was actually fairly simple.


The logo I actually painted with acrylic on canvas paper, then turned it into a custom brush with photoshop, and then stamped it three times to get the red/blue haze effect.

I ALSO went to MailChimp and fixed it so that when people sign up they get up to date information instead of old pictures from my old site.



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