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In a land far far away, a time not so long ago; say six months. There was a girl with near perfect skin with nothing but a bit of moisturiser. But her moisturiser ran out. To her horror she found out that this particular moisturiser was no longer being sold by the evil company she had been buying it from. Thus was born an arduous quest for a new moisturiser.

So after I ran out I spent some time using the moisturisers I had left over. I’m talking moisturisers from beauty boxes or cheap drugstore moisturisers. My skin was starting to get dryer and dryer. I was also getting red blotches that I never had before. The skin on my chin (chafed from kissing, I mean.. this happens to other people than me too right?) has become a wastefield.

A few weeks ago I got a bunch of samples from a brand that I thought would improve my skin. After seeing improvement for a few weeks I figured I’d buckle down and spend the money for moisturiser and cleanser. I have since been on a strict twice daily regimen of cleanser, toner, moisturiser. And although my skin is less dry, I’m experiencing more red spots. Not pimples exactly, but places where my skin is breaking out. I know I’m going to have to bite down and go back to the store and tell them “listen, this shit just isn’t working for me, got something else?” I know that I’m down for that money now and very disappointed I bought it. I really really want something that works. I miss my near flawless skin :( I look quite a bit less healthy than I used to.


So give me hope folks! Tell me stories of how you fixed your skin!

(the new brand is Khiel’s, the old was Rituals; not sure that it matters but there you go)

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