Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The answer is probably yes, but here is the short story. I’m in a new role at work. Most of my team, including my new boss and the only other person who does the same job as me, are located in another city about 2 hours away. My colleague has great knowledge about specific stuff related to our job. I don’t.

I was hired with the understanding that I had a ton to learn, but they wanted an internal candidate with some of my strengths. They considered that more relevant. My colleague is supposed to train and she is struggling. I get that doing and training are different skills and we are separated so I do understand the challenge. That’s not even what I’m mad about (it’s always the small stuff right).

I’m going to their city next week for various in person workshops. I’ll be in a hotel all week because it’s really too far to commute daily although I’ve done it just for 1 day. The entire cite is having a swanky holiday party at a venue 2 blocks from the hotel were I am staying. Not single person thought to tell me. I just happened to see it on someone’s calendar and register in time. They would just leave me sitting in my hotel like walking distance away without thinking I might want to attend. I am irrationally angry about this.

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