Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We recently started making cold brew. I’m a lifetime coffee hater. TEA ALL THE WAY. I have so much loose leaf tea I don’t have anywhere to put it all. But I digress. I need the caffeine. Despite my energy issues I made it this far in life without getting a full-on, withdrawal headache addiction, but now I have it. Another concession to adulthood has been made. So I needs it. But you know how when you walk past coffee sometimes and catch a whiff of that sweet caramelly rich amazing aroma that you think it would taste more like hot coffee ice cream? Well the beans I’ve been buying (I’ve tried a few kinds) don’t even SMELL delicious, they smell bitter too. I want something that at least smells awesome. What do you recommend, coffee gurus of the internet?


(pictured: not even close to the amount of milk I put in my coffee)

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