Hiya all! I just got back from a vacation for 8 days with basically no media access. Can you give me a rundown of what happened worth knowing about since 5/13? I know Cheeto Mussolini signed some $110 billion deal with Saudi Arabia, which I assume benefits Saudi Arabia and a few American companies like Lockheed or Blackstone, but won’t do shit else.

As payment here are some photos.

Here’s Mambo Beach in Curacao. IF EVER YOU CAN GO TO CURACAO, FUCKING GO TO CURACAO!!!! It was amazing.

Here’s a picture of Willemstad, the old part of Curacao. All sorts of neat shops and restaurants and a floating market on the far end with fresh seafood and produce. So much beautiful fruit. So so so much. I was on a day visit for a cruise, so no chance to eat all the fruit, sadly.


Is this not the neatest damn building?!!! It is a high-end cosmetics store in Willemstad near the pontoon bridge.


In Aruba, Rif Fort (ETA: wrong fort) Fort Zoutman with tower which we climbed up to that level with the round windows. Construction began in the 1800s, and it also houses a neat museum about the history of weaving in Aruba.

Palm Beach in Aruba. It was late afternoon, so the picture isn’t as vividly bright as it would have been earlier in the day.