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Tall human females, tell me of your clothes-shopping successes! Because I have so few of my own.

I'm familiar with the tall sections of most of the usual suspects, (Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, etc.) but I'm also looking for online sites that are specifically for us giraffe types. Do you have any recommendations?


Right now I'm really looking for dresses I can wear to work. It's a mostly-casual-but-not-jeans kind of office. So I can do maxi dresses, but I also really like day dresses when the weather's not cold and I'm having a hard time finding some. Most things I find that SAY they're knee-length really aren't, and if it's any shorter than that it's just too damn short when I sit down. Also, not showing cleavage would be nice.

I mostly stick with Eddie Bauer for jeans and slacks, because their tall cuts seem to work for me.

I have long legs but also a long torso, so empire-waist is like a giant fucking NO. Especially if there's any amount of pleating or gathering under the band. "Oh please, make me look super pregnant and/or like a 7-year-old child!"

And the arms, people. The arms. I've made a lifetime of just rolling up my damn sleeves and pretending that bracelet length is "my style", because the sleeves are never, ever long enough.


I don't have much disposable income but I'll pay a good amount for clothes that actually fit me. Can you help a tall friend out?

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