Other than having little Money to spare and potential bad quality, this dress from Modcloth is everything I want. People say it looks like the dress that Little Orphan Annie wears, but I can't see why that's too much a bad thing, so I can't even say I wouldn't wear this dress to death.Living out my depression-era orphan daydreams aside, I have been looking for a dress like this for quite some time, and it'll give me a nice pop of color for dreary winter days and a pretty dress for springtime recreation.

But I really can't afford it.

I really need a reason not to buy the dress, and perhaps having everyone else buying it will end this. I hope that all my twee-inclined lovelies snatch this up, because it's really an irresistible buy.

On another subject: Modcloth is really stepping up it's Plus Size game, and it's delightful to see. I can imagine, once I am richer than JK Rowling (lol), that I will have a wardrobe of Modcloth dresses and achieve full Wes Anderson Character status.

ETA: Thank you all for talking me down. To put more perspective on things: I could definitely buy the dress and not run out of money for food or anything important. It's just that since I have so little to spare, I want to spend money on things that are worth buying.It's sad that modcloth is so hit-and-miss considering their stuff is so expensive.I'll pass on this dress for now.