Not your values, your literal dreams. Which ones have stuck with you?

I woke up kinda salty because my subconscious was hella rude to me. In my dream, I had just started dating Rafael from Jane the Virgin and things were going well. Then an ex girlfriend of his showed up that he was still friends with, and she stayed with us for a while. Then they had a long discussion on the porch, one where he was still sending me silly texts while I was inside hanging out with another friend.

Other friend told me, “You know this means you’re breaking up, right?” And I was like, “Nah, they’re old friends, I’m sure it’s nothing.” Cut to him pulling me aside and telling me I’m a great girl, but they have history, and blah blah blah. And I couldn’t be all that upset about it because we had just started dating.

And then stupid dream me jokingly asked if the sex was at least good, and the guy says, “Sometimes it wasn’t, but that’s fine.” So I pressed him on it, and he said the first time it wasn’t, and another time was fairly recently, but otherwise it was good. Then I argued back that the first time I was nervous because he’s a new partner, and the second time his ex was sleeping in the next room.


Cut to my bladder taking me to the mall, where I really need to pee and every bathroom is gross or impossible to find.

Pfft. Thanks a lot, brain.