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Tell me your most boring secret

I'm sitting here now, eating my breakfast. Every day at work, I have the same breakfast: a bowl of plain bran flakes. And damn it, I love it. I know that bran flakes are possibly the most boring of all breakfast foods and I should be mocking them and eating something super exciting like... I don't know, Fruity Pebbles? Reese's cereal? But I seriously really love the taste.

I am so tired of all of the supposedly cool people telling us we should all be sky-diving and wearing brightly colored high heels and running around owning our own yoga studio business and eating snails. There is more than one way to be cool, and I reject your preconceived notions of what is boring and what is "interesting"!

Let's take back the... partially cloudy day? What "boring" thing do you love?

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