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Tell me your (stress) dreams, Groupthink!

An article on the MP made me think about stress dreams and how random they seem (while in actuality they are all fairly similar among people I know). So tell me your stress dream! You know, the one where you show up to school/work naked, or you have to recite the Gettysburg Address with Lincoln in the audience, etc.

My stress dreams are always the same. When I was (much) younger, I was on a competitive dance team. My stress dream always involves me showing up for our final yearly recital, except I haven't been to practice all year* and I don't know any of the choreography and I'm not even sure which costume goes with which dance. In my dreams I think, "I'll just hide behind the tallest person on stage and mimic what they do - I can fake it!" but then I'm always blocked front center and I screw up the dance and let the team down.

Tell me yours!

*This detail always bugs me in my dream because I know that there's a miss-three-practices-and-you're-out policy on the team. So half my dream is spent wondering why they're still letting me dance.


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