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Tell me your surprising (possibly slightly shameful) revelations you've had about yourself

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So...this weekend I was hanging out with a guy I'm sleeping with who happens to be a cop. He picked me up on his way home, and I had the first slightly shameful, totally cliched realization. That uniform is fucking sexy, and for some reason, particularly the bulletproof vest. And it took me so much by surprise that I was really flustered for like the first five minutes I was in the car. I've seen thousands of dudes in police uniforms before, and never for a moment thought it was attractive, until I got in the car with this guy, and then with the pantsfeelings.


Secondly, I would like to first state that I am very, very pro gun control. VERY. However, I was asking him some questions about his gun (what kind is it, etc.) and upon hearing my admission that I'd never held a handgun before, he asked if I wanted to hold his (with the clip out, of course). I said yes out of a general sort of curiosity, as I've never really had a great desire to hold one before, but once I got it in my hand, I felt like a gleeful child. I didn't pull the trigger or anything (because, safety), but for whatever reason I was like "Hee! Look at me, I'm Olivia Benson!" And then afterwards I felt slightly ashamed of myself for being so gleeful about it.

So, lovely friends. Tell me about your surprising and slightly shameful realizations in order to make me feel slightly less alone here. :)

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