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Tell me your tales of celebrity sightings!

Which famous people have you seen in the wild? Did you talk to them or play it cool? Who was nice and who was a jerk?

I remember Jez used to do these threads occasionally back in the day and they were always fun, so I’ll start! I haven’t run into too many celebs in my day (I don’t really live in a state with a large celebrity population, Aspen excepted) so I’ve only had a few sightings over the years:

1) Ben Stein - I was visiting Mr. Klein’s family in LA and Ben was out and about with two dogs and a couple of kids. I didn’t notice it was him until one of the dogs veered towards us and he called his pup back. I can confirm that his voice in real life is exactly like his “Bueller...Bueller?” voice.


2) Prince - I was out with my friends and some finance bros that were buying us champagne in Paris at an after-hours club in the VIP section (we were only in that section bc of the aforementioned finance bros and their willingness to buy expensive bottles). Prince came in and sat down a couple tables away. He was just chilling there on a couch the whole time, accompanied by a smokin’ hot babe with fresh flowers in her hair and an enormous bodyguard that stood in front of them forbiddingly. I was too nervous to say anything to him even though I love his music, and I remember thinking he was tinier than I imagined close-up. RIP 😢.

3) I met Chris Matthews briefly when he filmed an episode of Hardball at my college. He was kind of a dick and yelled at a kid taking his picture when I was talking to him (he only wanted pictures taken of him from the chest up).

Tell me yours!

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