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Tell us a silly, embarrassing story about yourself

These made me laugh (esp. #2!). I figure you guys would have some good’ns. :)

One of mine is from a few years ago. Homey and I were on vacation and didn’t have much planned for one day. I’d never played mini-golf and was like, C’mon! Let’s give it a try!


We went and had a lot of fun. I got 2 (two!) holes in one, despite never having played mini-golf and only playing golf a handful of times in high school gym class. I was pretty stoked!

When it was time to turn our clubs in, there was a totally bored, disaffected teenager taking equipment. He asked, in a completely uninterested, corporate mandated way, How was your game? Probably, totally expecting me to be like, Yeah, it was fine, thanks, byeeee.

Instead, he got a 36 year old, grown ass woman who was like, It was AWESOME!! I GOT TWO HOLES IN ONE!!!!!!!!!

And then I stood there for, like, a minute grinning like a buffoon, staring at him, waiting on him to congratulate me. The congratulations never came. Instead, he looked at me with pity and turned away. Homey just stood there and laughed. Apparently, it’s not “cool” to be that excited about mini-golf. ;)


How about y’all? Any funny, embarrassing stories you want to share?

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