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Tell us about your best teachers!

I was thinking about this the other night, and killkillkill's post reminded me of it just now. Tell us about your best teachers! Feel free to talk about just your favorite, or to continue on to those other awesome teachers who you don't mention as much because they're not in the top spot.


I always say my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Minor was the best teacher I ever had. She would get the bus to wait for me while she helped me pick out books in the library. She not only encouraged my writing, but let me put on plays with my friends for the class. She wouldn't let me turn my books upside down (because it would strain my eyes), but reading while standing on my head was totally acceptable. She made the entire class go into the computer lab once every week or two, where she made us put our fingers on the proper keys and type out sentences. (This is why I know how to type properly and my sister would bribe my mom to type her papers in middle school.) Even though she retired when I was in 6th grade, she sent personalized cards to all of her students in my graduating class. If I ever write a book, it gets dedicated to her.

My 11th grade AP US History teacher (later my 12th grade AP econ teacher) was also awesome. He made us read A People's History and I'm pretty sure he knew I was a feminist about two years before I did. (He gave me this book to read because he thought I would find it interesting and encouraged me to do my research project on abortion and contraception rights even though our town was pretty conservative.)

I'm also tempted to link to my dad's speech when he was Oregon Speech Educator of the Year because it's just that inspiring and wonderful, but technically he was never my teacher. At least not in school.

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